Degree Programs

ABTS offers two degree programs that accommodate ministry careers of all shapes and sizes. Take a look at the programs we offer to see what fit is best for you.

Why attend ABTS?


We automatically grant a 75% discount off the tuition rates of our sister school in the U.S. Additionally, most students receive significant scholarships that make our tuition rates among the most affordable in Asia.


All of our degree programs are part-time, consisting of condensed modules in selected cities throughout Asia. Students already in ministry are able to earn their master’s degree without leaving their ministries or, in many cases, their home countries.

Global Perspective

While ABTS is firmly panted in Southeast Asia, we offer U.S.-accredited degrees through Cornerstone University located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The combination of East Meets West, with professors from around the world, brings a truly global perspective to the classroom.




The Master of Arts (MA) 

The Master of Arts (MA) degree is a 64-credit hour program providing opportunity for in-depth investigation into the three basic content areas. A substantial elective category allows students to explore areas appropriate to their ministry context. Students who have not accomplished any graduate studies are encouraged to complete the MRE degree before progressing to the MA degree.  Students who complete the MRE first may apply all 31 credits from the MRE degree toward completion of the MA degree. To encourage your growth as a ministry leader and Biblical scholar, this degree program requires:

  • Evidence of personal commitment to Christ as well as moral character and conduct.

  • Completion of 64 credit hours of work with at least a 2.5 grade point average. Forty of these 64 hours must be taken in approved in-person or online classes. The remaining 24 hours may be taken as extension classes. A maximum of 24 applicable hours taken from an accredited institution within the last ten years may be transferred into the MA degree.

  • Submission of a student portfolio demonstrating growth in spiritual development, ministry skills, and understanding of Scripture as a result of the student’s experience in this degree program. 

  • Completion of all degree requirements within eight years. Students who apply credits from the MRE will be allowed five years for program completion.

Program Summary

Location: Asia 31 Credit Hours

The Master of Religious Education at Asia Biblical Theological Seminary is designed to improve your effectiveness as a ministry leader on your own terms. Through various concentrations including pastoral and educational ministries, this program enhances your ministry competencies and broadens your biblical and theological foundation for effective leadership.

The M.R.E. at ABTS is designed to be a flexible program to help you achieve your ministry goals. Each concentration will uniquely prepare you for God’s calling for your life, and the rigorous education you will receive will expand your knowledge of biblically-rooted theology.

Encouraging Biblical Character

At ABTS, our M.R.E. program is an 11-course U.S. degree program accredited through Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Mich., U.S.A. All courses are offered in a modular format, allowing you to continue working while pursuing your degree. Our M.R.E. program requires 31 credit hours, including a core set of required courses and classes related to a specified area of ministry concentration.

The M.R.E. offers four concentrations in this program: pastoral ministries, educational ministries, intercultural ministries and marketplace ministries. To encourage the development of your biblical character, knowledge and leadership, this program requires you to:

  • Complete a minimum of three years of ministry experience or educational experience prior to graduation.You can also engage in a marketplace context with evidence of a resolute commitment to Christ.
  • Take 18 credit hours in approved residence seminars. The remaining 13 hours may be taken by extension. A maximum of 12 applicable hours taken from an accredited institution within the last five years may be transferred toward your M.R.E. degree.
  • Submit a portfolio demonstrating growth in spiritual competencies and academic rigor.

Program Concentraions

The Master of Religious Education with a pastoral ministries concentration requires 31 credit hours. This includes a minimum of six credit hours in biblical studies, six credit hours in theology and 12 credit hours in the pastoral ministries area of concentration. To complete specialized training in pastoral ministries as part of the Master of Religious Education degree program, choose four courses from the following list of class options.
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