Admission Process

At Asia Biblical Theological Seminary, our tireless faculty will join you on your journey to seeking answers and deepening your faith at every turn.

New Student Admission Process

Things To Know

New students to Asia Biblical Theological Seminary can apply using the general application. This can be completed either online or via mail. With your application, you will also need to submit your transcripts from previous institutions, a personal and pastoral reference and a photo.

1. Apply

Apply using the general application, either by mail or online. If you have questions during the application process, feel free to contact In order to complete the application, you will also need to review the seminary’s Confession of Faith.

2. Submit Your Transcripts

With your application, you’ll need to submit your official transcripts from previous educational institutions you have attended. Photocopies are not accepted unless they are affixed with the institution’s seal. These transcripts are required to review your education and admit you into a program. Transcripts can be mailed to our address.

3. References

As a part of your application, you are required to submit a personal and pastoral reference using the forms below. They must be completed by people who are not relatives and sent to the ABTS Office by the person giving the recommendation.
  • Evidence of commitment to Christ and moral character and conduct.
  • Demonstrate sufficient life experience for adequate integration of course content with ministry and workplace contexts.
  • Have earned a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university and maintained a grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 system. Students having a GPA less than 2.5 may apply for admission under academic probation.
  • Affirm the Asia Biblical Theological Seminary Confession of Faith.



All new applicants to ABTS whose first language is not English will be required to take an English proficiency examination.

This exam will be administered through ABTS, and further details can be obtained from ABTS country coordinators. The exam has both audio and reading portions, and will require approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The English Proficiency Exam serves as part of the ABTS application requirements.

The test results will be considered in the admissions process according to the following criteria:

  • 450 or above: admitted to ABTS without restrictions.
  • 400-449: admitted to ABTS with probationary status. 

    • * Students on probation will be allowed to have only 1 open class at any time. They will remain on probation until they complete a minimum of 3 classes while maintaining a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher. Students on Probation who fail to maintain a GPA of 1.5 or higher will be liable for withdrawal from the ABTS program.
  • Below 400: will not be admitted to ABTS. 
    • May pursue English instruction and reapply to ABTS after one year.
  • Completed application form.
  • Official academic transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools attended.
  • Reference forms from a pastor, elder, or deacon of the applicant’s local church and from one other person (not a member of the applicant’s family).
  1. All application materials should be submitted through the ABTS website and are accepted year-round. Acceptance for admission will be considered upon receipt of all the required documents. Applicants who have not accomplished any graduate studies are encouraged to complete the MRE degree before progressing to the MA degree. If the application process is not completed within six months from the date of acknowledgement of the application by the ABTS office, the applicant must re-apply.
  2. Applicants who have fulfilled all application requirements, except official transcripts, may register for the Introduction to Graduate Theological Education course and one additional course for credit. However, credit will only be granted upon formal acceptance.