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We are committed to making our education affordable by having tuition rates that are among the most affordable in Asia.

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The ABTS tuition rate for all students is US $155.00 per credit hour. Through the generosity of donors, substantial scholarships are available through the ABTS Scholarship Fund for the majority of our students. These scholarships are granted to students from the countries in the list below. To find out if you qualify for a scholarship and to find out your tuition rate after the scholarship has been applied, please locate your nationality in the list. Tuition By Credit Hour Based on Country of Citizenship (Effective: Sept. 1, 2023)
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Person Rate for Australia is USD 155 per credit hour.

Students are responsible for acquiring the required textbooks for each course and are at additional cost.

Transportation and room and board are the responsibility of the individual student. Contact the coordinator at the class site for information about available housing near the site where courses are being held.

All fees must be paid during the course registration period, by the specified due date, prior to the start of each course. Payment may be made in local currency to the country coordinator or by bank transfer to ABTS bank accounts as stated in the fee assessment. Funds may also be transferred by a mission agency or an individual in US dollars directly to our ABTS-US bank account by special prior arrangement.

The spouse educational benefit is intended to provide spouses of ABTS students with the opportunity to participate in the theological educational experience in order to promote a shared pilgrimage of growth and learning. The spouse of an ABTS student, regardless of prior academic record, is entitled to audit any class with his/her spouse free of charge. This audit opportunity provides for class attendance only; course work will not be submitted or graded and there will be no official academic record. The benefit is not applicable to courses the student audits or to courses the spouse takes for credit.

The cost to audit a course is ⅓ of the regular cost of tuition.

All students are required to pay a graduation fee of US$25 when they apply for graduation.