Cost Information

We are committed to making our education affordable through by having tuition rates that are among the most affordable in Asia.

Tuition Rates

The ABTS tuition rate for all students is US $155.00 per credit hour.

Through the generosity of donors, substantial scholarships are available through the ABTS Scholarship Fund for the majority of our students. These scholarships are granted to students from the countries in the list below. To find out if you qualify for a scholarship and to find out your tuition rate after the scholarship has been applied, please locate your nationality in the list.

Tuition By Credit Hour Based on Country of Citizenship 
Effective: Sept. 1, 2020

Additional Information

Books, lectures in CD or MP3 format, postage and handouts are at additional cost and will be listed on the individual fee assessments. Books and materials for extension courses are available from the ABTS Office. Postage for shipping extension courses is paid by the student.

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