Degree Programs

ABTS degree programs are fully accredited in the USA by the Higher Learning Commission. Remain in your ministry context in Asia while earning a US-accredited master degree. 

Master of Religious Education (MRE)

The Master of Religious Education (MRE) at Asia Biblical Theological Seminary is a 31-credit hour program designed to improve your effectiveness as a ministry leader on your own terms. Through various concentrations this program enhances your ministry competencies and broadens your biblical and theological foundation for effective leadership.

MRE students can select one of the following areas of concentration, making your program of study relevant and transformative: Counseling, Educational, Intercultural, Marketplace, and Pastoral.

Master of Arts (MA)

The Master of Arts (MA) degree is a 64-credit hour program providing opportunity for in-depth investigation into the three basic content areas: bible, theology, and ministry. A substantial elective category allows students to explore areas appropriate to their ministry context.

Students who have not accomplished any graduate studies are encouraged to complete the MRE degree before progressing to the MA degree.  Students who complete the MRE first may apply all 31 credits from the MRE degree toward completion of the MA degree.

Other Programs

Non-Degree Enrollment

ABTS permits the enrollment of students seeking advanced education in Bible, theology or ministry without a specific degree objective. Students are permitted to take a maximum of 6 credits under the non-degree enrollment status.

Guest Enrollment

ABTS welcomes guest students from other accredited seminaries for limited enrollment.